New Issue of Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies (Vol. 9, Issue 1-2, 2020)

The editors of Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies are happy to announce the publication of a new Special Issue on: 

‘Global Cultures of Antifascism, 1921-2020’

Table of contents:


  1. Editorial Introduction: The Global Cultures of Antifascism, 1921–2020

Authors: Mattie Fitch, Michael Ortiz, and Nick Underwood

Pages:    1–7


  1. Fighting Fascism with ‘Verbal Bullets’: Kaji Wataru and the Antifascist Struggle in Wartime East Asia

Author: Edwin Michielsen

Pages:    9–33


  1. Culture is Inseparable From the Struggle Against Reaction’: Forging an Australian Jewish Antifascist Culture in the 1940s

Author: Max Kaiser

Pages:    34–55


  1. Music Subculture versus Class Revolutionaries: Czech Antifascism in the Postsocialist Era

Author: Ondřej Daniel

Pages:    56–74


  1. L’antisémitisme est l’auxiliaire obligatoire du fascisme’: Jewish Communists, Antifascism and Antisemitism in France, 1944-1960s

Author: Zoé Grumberg

Pages:     75–97


  1. Pluralism at the Twilight of Franco’s Spain: Antifascist and Intersectional Practice

Author: Louie Dean Valencia-García

Pages:     98–120


  1. ‘Somehow Getting Their Own Back on Hitler’: British Antifascism and the Holocaust, 1960–1967

Author: Joshua Cohen

Pages:    121–145


  1. Looking for a Dream, Surviving a Time of Nightmares: Eric Hobsbawm, Marxism Today and the Resignification of Antifascism During Thatcher’s Time

Author: Iker Itoiz Ciáurriz

Pages:     146–166


  1. Antifascism in the Neighborhood: Daily Life, Political Culture, and Gender Politics in the German Communist Antifascist Movement, 1930–1933

Author: Sara Ann Sewell

Pages:     167–194


  1. Antifascist Athletes? A Reappraisal of the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Author: Keith Rathbone

Pages:     195–220


  1. Exile Dreams: Antifascist Jews, Antisemitism and the ‘Other Germany’

Author: Anna Koch

Pages:     221–243


  1. Tales of Antifascism: International Survivors’ Organizations during the Cold War

Author: Maximilian Becker

Pages:     244–271


  1. ‘The Antifascist Kick’: A Signifying Cultural Practice in the History of Transnational Antifascism?

Author: Victor Lundberg

Pages:     272–287


 Past issues:  

Fascist and National Socialist Antiquities and Materialities from the Interwar Era to the Present, ed. by  Day Helen Roche, Flaminia Bartolini and Timothy J. Schmalz

(Vol. 8, Issue 2, Dec. 2019)

Table of Contents 


By: Helen RocheFlaminia Bartolini and Timothy J. Schmalz

Pages: 121–126

Mussolini’s ‘Third Rome’, Hitler’s Third Reich and the Allure of Antiquity: Classicizing Chronopolitics as a Remedy for Unstable National Identity?

By: Helen Roche

 Viewing Rome in the Latin Literature of the Ventennio Fascista: Francesco Giammaria’s Capitolium Novum

By: Nicolò BettegazziHan Lamers and Bettina Reitz-Joosse

Pages: 153–178

Fascism, National Socialism, and the 1939 New York World’s Fair

By: James J. Fortuna

Pages: 179–218

 ‘Stones do not Speak for Themselves’: Disentangling Berlin’s Palimpsest

By: Clare Copley

Pages: 219–249

 Mare Nostrum: Italy and the Mediterranean of Ancient Rome in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

By: Samuel Agbamu

Pages: 250–274

 Dreaming of a National Socialist World: The World Union of National Socialists (wuns) and the Recurring Vision of Transnational Neo-Nazism

By: Paul Jackson

Pages: 275–306

 Antebellum Palingenetic Ultranationalism: The Case for including the United States in Comparative Fascist Studies

By: Stefan Roel Reyes

Pages: 307–330


Architectural Projections of a ‘New Order’ in Interwar Dictatorships

(Vol. 7/2018)


Table of Contents: 

Roger Griffin and Rita Almeida de Carvalho: “Editorial Introduction: Architectural Projections of a ‘New Order’ in Interwar Dictatorships,” pp.: 1–7


Roger Griffin: “Building the Visible Immortality of the Nation: The Centrality of ‘Rooted Modernism’ to the Third Reich’s Architectural New Order,” pp.: 9–44


Aristotle Kallis: “Futures Made Present: Architecture, Monument, and the Battle for the ‘Third Way’ in Fascist Italy,” pp.: 45–79


Anahi Ballent: “Faces of Modernity in the Architecture of the Peronist State, 1943–1955,” pp.: 80–108


Yannick Lengkeek: “Staged Glory: The Impact of Fascism on ‘Cooperative’ Nationalist Circles in Late Colonial Indonesia, 1935–1942,” pp.: 109–131


War Veterans and Fascism in Interwar Europe 

(Vol. 6/2017)


Table of Contents: 


Editorial Introduction: War Veterans and Fascism

Wim van Meurs, Kristian Mennen

pages 1 - 11


  1. 'Milksops' and 'Bemedalled Old Men': War Veterans and the War Youth Generation in the Weimar Republic

Kristian Mennen. 
pages 13 - 41


  1. War Veterans, Fascism, and Para-Fascist Departures in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918-1941

John Paul Newman. 
pages 42 - 74


  1. War Veterans, Demobilization and Political Activism: Greater Romania in Comparison

Constantin Iordachi and Blasco Sciarrino. 
pages 75 - 117


Book reviews:

  1. The Codex Fori Mussolini: A Latin Text of Italian Fascism, written by Han Lamers and Bettina Reitz-Joosse

Aristotle Kallis. 
pages 119 - 121

  1.       Die Zahl der Verfahren und der Sterilisationen nach dem Gesetz zur Verhaung erbkranken Nachwuchses, written by Udo Benzenhofer & Hanns Ackermann

Nicoletta I. Fotinos. 
pages 122 - 125, 2017

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