Third ComFas Convention, 25-27 Sept. 2020

Latest Major Event: 

Fascism and the Radical Right: Comparison and Entanglements,” Online Convention, Central European University PU, Vienna, 25-27 September 2020

Third Convention of the International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies (ComFas)

We are thrilled to share with you the Program of the forthcoming Third ComFas Convention:

Event Rationale:

Ever since their emergence on the political scene, fascism and the radical right have had an intricate tangled relationship, marked by close cooperation but also conflict. Yet, despite the ideological affinities and socio-political ties between fascist and radical right movements and parties, a majority of works in the field approach these phenomena in isolation, ignoring their multifaceted historical interactions. The ComFas Convention aims at stimulating synchronic and diachronic comparative perspectives on fascism and the radical right at the level of ideology and political practice in order to contribute to a better understanding of both phenomena. Participants will reflect on the historical trajectory and political metamorphoses of these political phenomena, on their similarities and differences, and on their multiple interactions and entanglements.

The program includes comparative as well as single case-study contributions to the study of fascism and the radical right, coming from various social science disciplines including history, political science, sociology, international relations, anthropology, etc. Conference papers address the following topics:

  • History of fascism and the radical right from the 1920s to the present
  • Fascism and the contemporary populist radical right
  • Continuities and breaks between interwar and postwar fascisms
  • Populism in the radical right and Fascist ideology
  • Fascism, the radical right, and media representations
  • Fascism, the radical right and the internet / social media
  • Gender in fascist and radical right movements
  • Right Wing Political violence and Terrorism
  • Fascist and radical right transnational networks
  • Fascism, the radical right, and the history of emotions
  • Fascism and the radical right beyond Europe and North America
  • Cultures of fascism and the radical right (music, sport, clothing, etc.)
  • The construction of the Other in fascism and the radical right (e.g antisemitism and anti-Muslim attitudes)
  • Metapolitics of post-1945 fascism and the radical right
  • The political language of post-1945 fascisms and the radical right


The online event is hosted by the Central European University PU, Vienna. Conveners are Constantin Iordachi (CEU), Paul Jackson (Northampton University), and Aristotle Kallis (Keele University). Contact details:

The International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies is a nonprofit and nonpolitical scholarly organization dedicated to the comparative and transnational study of fascism. The Association is open to graduate students, researchers, and professors at whatever stage of their career. Its aim is to promote new multi-disciplinary research approaches to this field, in a joint effort of scholars from various disciplines and historiographical traditions. COMFAS is based at Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies, at the Central European University, Budapest. The Association’s main publication outlet is the open-access peer-reviewed journal Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies (Brill).

Previous Conventions:

2019: Fascism and Violence,” Uppsala University, Sweden, 25–27 September 2019. 

2018Comparative Fascist Studies and the Transnational Turn,” CEU, Budapest, 27-29 April 2018.