Forthcoming Event – “Fascism and Violence,” Uppsala University, 25–27 Sept. 2019

Forthcoming Event: Second ComFas Convention

Fascism and Violence,” Uppsala University, Sweden, 25–27 September 2019

Violence has always played a central role in fascist ideology and political practices, either as a means by which to overthrow governments or to achieve national ‘rebirth’ and ‘cleansing’ through the physical removal or annihilation of political enemies. Yet there were huge differences concerning the dynamics and magnitude of violence in fascist regimes, depending on the political context in which fascists activated, came to power, and ruled. Moreover, violence has had a considerable impact on the way in which historical fascism was perceived in its own time and is understood and framed in present-day societies, ranging from mystic depictions that portray violence as a legitimate means of national defense to the efforts to downplay the role of fascism and depict fascists as defenders of the nation and tradition against the onslaught of communism.

The Second Convention of ComFas provides a scholarly forum for a critical and interdisciplinary debate on the intricate but largely under-researched relationship between fascism and violence. During the three-day conference, experts from the fields of fascism and Holocaust and genocide studies will discuss the ideology and practice of fascist violence, but also its legacies in present-day societies. The conference will draw upon the recent “transnational turn” in fascist studies and the comparative perspectives that have dominated the field of genocide studies for three decades in order to bring the two fields closer together. This will be achieved by focusing on the following three themes of relevance for scholars from all subject fields:

  • Fascist ideology and violence
  • Violent practice and fascism
  • Legacies of fascist violence

The event is hosted by the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University. Convenors are Tomislav Dulić (HVC) and Constantin Iordachi (CEU).

Convention Public Events:

25 September: 09.00: Welcoming address by Tomislav Dulić, Uppsala University; and Constantin Iordachi, CEU Budapest

09.15: Keynote by professor Roger Griffin, Oxford Brookes University: "Fascists and Violence"

17.15–18.45: Plenary session I: Fascist Studies and Violence
Aristotle Kallis, Keele University
Maria Bucur, Indiana University
Constantin Iordachi, CEU
Moderator: Tomislav Dulić

26 September:
17.30–19.00: Plenary Session II: Genocide Studies and Fascism
Tomislav Dulić
Sven Reichardt, University of Konstanz
Joanna Wawrzyniak, EUI
Moderator: Constantin Iordachi

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The First ComFas Convention, entitled “Comparative Fascist Studies and the Transnational Turn,” took place at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, on 27-29 April 2018. See the Program ComFas Convention April 27-29